Bristol Caviar Chiller Bowl

Simon Pearce

Bristol Caviar Chiller Bowl

Simon Pearce's new Bristol Caviar Chiller has amazing proportions! A one of a kind chiller that is handmade to perfection and useful for so many gatherings. Surrounded by water your caviar will look tasteful.

"To serve caviar properly, you need to deal with a bed of crushed ice, which can get sloppy as it melts. This new two-piece handblown glass caviar dish from Simon Pearce makes it easy, keeping the ice neatly on the bottom to maintain the chill. A one- to four-ounce tin of precious roe fits in the gently sloped top section. The set is large enough to be deployed for serving a seafood dip, salmon rillettes or smoked fish spread." The New York Times

  • Dimensions: 3¼" h x 4¾" w x 4¾" d
  • Capacity: 16 oz
  • Handcrafted in Vermont, USA

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