Carnelian Wrap Necklace & Bracelet
Carnelian Wrap Necklace & Bracelet
Carnelian Wrap Necklace & Bracelet

Lex & Lynne

Carnelian Wrap Necklace & Bracelet

Handmade carnelian necklace that can also be worn as a double-wrap bracelet. Designed by Lex and hand-crafted in our studio in Sewickley, PA. Solid brass and 14k gold details frame our signature charm and custom clasp with already-gorgeous faceted carnelian gemstones.

Lex & Lynne originated from our founder's jewelry collection comprised of bracelets and necklaces boasting various natural materials including gemstones, wooden beads, and precious metals. Small-batch-styles make our jewelry unique and one-of-a-kind, where each piece is handmade with love in our studio.

Carnelian is an incredibly vibrant semi-precious gemstone full of warm hues like orange and yellow and everything in between.

  • Solid brass
  • 14k gold-filled
  • Handmade clasp
  • 16" length

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