Multi-Gemstone Wrap Bracelet & Necklace
Multi-Gemstone Wrap Bracelet & Necklace
Multi-Gemstone Wrap Bracelet & Necklace

Lex & Lynne

Multi-Gemstone Wrap Bracelet & Necklace

L&L's handmade wrap bracelet and necklace composed of a variety of faceted gemstones and further adorned with 14k gold and sterling silver; hand-crafted clasp detail.

Lex & Lynne originated from our founder's jewelry collection comprised of bracelets and necklaces boasting various natural materials including gemstones, wooden beads, and precious metals. Small-batch-styles make our jewelry unique and one-of-a-kind, where each piece is handmade with love in our studio.

We've mixed some of our favorite transparent gemstones, including andalusite, ametrine, garnets, carnelian, pyrite, labradorite, cats eye, moon stones, and amethysts.

Variety of faceted gemstones including:

  • Andalusite, Ametrine, Garnet, Carnelian, Pyrite, Labradorite, Cats eye, Moon stone, Amethyst
  • 14k gold-filled
  • Handmade clasp
  • 32" length

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